The Million Quasars (Milliquas) catalog, v5.5,  19 November 2018

includes quasars from the literature to 14 November 2018 including SDSS-DR14 (auto quasars) and SDSS-DR14Q (their visual quasar catalog), plus LAMOST DR4 (auto) and DR3Q (visual) quasars. 

This edition includes 619,785 type-I QSOs & AGNs plus about 1.32 million quasar candidates of 80%+ QSO-likelihood -- details are in the ReadMe. Radio and/or X-ray identifications are shown where applicable, plus, for the candidates, the probability of each being a true quasar.

Here is the ReadMe, and a quick browse of sample data (in flat text form) is here.

Get the 60 Mb zipped file here .


The published version is the Half Million Quasars catalog (HMQ: 2015, PASA 32, 10) which excludes candidates and is to 2015 only.  The HMQ page is here -- has FITS file also. 


Eric Flesch, last updated 19 November 2018